Here at we are passionate about play.

As we increasingly see a generation of children emerging overweight, unhealthy, and lacking some of the basic social skills that playing can teach you, parents are wondering more and more how they can encourage their children to put down the iPad, get out more, and enjoy some of the experiences they had as a child.

With some kids it might not be easy. But there are still more than enough opportunities for children to play out there, and once they have started, your kids will love every second of it.

That’s where we come in. offers you all of the advice, information, resources, and inspiration you need to get your kid moving. All we need from you is a motivation to make some changes, a willingness to commit some time and effort, and a commitment to improve your child’s life.

On this site, you will find:

·       Ideas about new sports and activities to introduce your child to – with a little creativity, even the most sports-phobic child can find an activity they love, be that dancing, urban sports, or just a modern take on a traditional game.

·       New places to take them – it is too easy to limit your activities to what is available in your local park or leisure centre. But there are numerous sports clubs, activity centres and adventure playgrounds across the country which offer something more, and you can be sure there is something not too far from you.

·       A blast from the past: Many children today still find the old fashioned games the best, so we have all the information you need to introduce your kids to the games that gave you so many happy hours when you were young.

·       And lots more….

There are plenty of resources here to get your kids out, about, and active. But if you want to find out more, or research specific projects or programmes in your area, there are a number of excellent organisations you can look at as well:

·       SportEngland – The Government body tasked with getting more children and adults into sport across England. They support any number of clubs and projects. Whatever sport you want to get into, SportEngland will be able to point you in the right direction.

·       PlayEngland - Promoting the right of the child to play through a range of projects including playing in nature, street play, and a whole host of other innovative projects and ideas.

·       Playful Communities – A whole host of information, advice and resources for individuals, local community groups, voluntary and community sector organisations and others who are developing play provision in their local neighbourhood.

·       Youth Sports Trust – An independent charity whose remit is to help all young poepl improve their lives through involvement in sport and a range of other activities. 

So have a look around and see if you can find some inspiration to get your child playing outside and enjoying all the benefits and pleasures you were enjoying at their age. A balanced childhood with a varied mix of activities, modern technology, and other forms of entertainment, will help your child to grow up healthy, sociable, independent, and into a well-rounded adult.


If you’re still not completely convinced, why not just give it a go just once.

Playday is the annual celebration of children's right to play, and is traditionally held on the first Wednesday of August.

On Playday thousands of children, young people and communities will be going out into their local area and taking part in hundreds of locally organised events across the UK.

As well as a celebration of children's right to play, Playday is also a campaign to raise awareness about some serious issues affecting children's play. It is a great opportunity to get out into your local community, meet new people, and try some facilities or activities you haven’t used before.

Think of it as an opportunity to dip your toe in the water and see what is out there. In our experiences, there are very few people who find PlayDay ends up being a one-off.

The Playday website is full of information and advice for people and local groups who are organising a Playday event, but also lets you find out what is going on in your area.

Give it a try. Trust us, once you give it a go, neither you nor your child will look back!

The evidence is overwhelming. Play makes lives better!


We are passionate about play. We are sure you soon will be too!